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Building complex project management tool that simplifies complexities related to starting and running transit projects


Project management tool for US department of transit

SSDB developed an extensive project management tool which offered a single point of interaction to do following:

  • Create and manage projects
  • Initiate and track land accusation progress
  • Perform utilities management on land
  • Extensive module for Advertisement management
  • Manage vendors and payments
  • Manage relocation of existing tenants

This multitenant based project management tool also offered following features

  • Multi tenant application that can run on cloud as well as on-premise
  • A robust admin console using which clients can be on-boarded and user permissions can be configured
  • Next generation form builder that allows run time changes to UI with ease of drag and drop capabilities
  • Fluid layout to support any device

IPAD & WEB – Facility Auditing Application

SSDB worked with client to understand how inspection is carried out onsite, what features and tools are quintessential for inspection and what’s needed to compile the report later. Post detailed requirement gathering SSDB came up with an iPad app and a backend web interface to enable inspectors / surveyors carry out their tasks with perfection and for the backend admin to not only monitor the process real time but draw analysis that clearly depicts the state of goods repaired (SGR) for each facility. Some key features of the solution involved

  • Intuitive and clear layout
  • Quickly review and compare historical data, view trends
  • Ability to capture latitude and longitude along with report elements
  • Upload pictures and videos as evidence
  • Works both offline and online
  • Secure, fast and reliable
  • Smart executive dashboards
  • Integrated with Tableau for advanced analytics

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