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We work with OEMs to transition from their manual costing to a full-blown automated system with analytical capabilities

Challenges with current system

  • Time Consuming
  • Prone to Errors
  • Manual Dependency
  • No reusability
  • Impossible to see trends
  • Zero Analytics
  • Dynamic Or Runtime Reports are not possible
  • Management can’t drive output (Margins, Bottom line, Analysis etc) by themselves

What our costing system achieved?

  • Accuracy leading to better pricing decisions and strategic pricing advantages
  • Quick product cost rollout
  • Improved ability to support organization's strategic objectives through reduced transaction effort
  • Vastly improved spend management resulting in lower costs
  • Better, more objective and fact-based negotiations
  • Enabling powerful and logical data to manage supplier and customer pricing
  • Control of organization information and knowledge through reducing dependence on individuals
  • Better risk mitigation
  • No need to change anything in the existing technical infrastructure
  • Costing system can be integrated and support all existing ERP(Microsoft, SAP, Oracle etc)
  • Very user-friendly to use and people can adapt and work fast using EFC inbuilt intelligence of relevant data selection. (Drop down feature where data automatically comes based on the previous selection)
  • True visibility of effect of price changes - due to change in raw material price, specification, yield or usage and weight, change in cycle time and machine hour rate, addition or deletion of process, TPM initiatives, interest rate, tax and other levies, payment and freight terms
  • Profit reconciliation bet finance ledger and costing

Additional Features

  • Cost Savings: Fixing and measuring of target cost, helps in identifying cost reduction areas and Simulation and comparative analysis highlighting the potential
  • Security: Data access through authentication & authorization mechanism. Costing solution has approval hierarchy to manage & track changes
  • Process efficiencies: Increased through put by workflows & approvals, reduce costing & pricing transaction effort, enabling powerful & logical data to manage customer pricing
  • Analysis (What if analysis): Change in raw material prices, source, location, conversion cost, cycle time, process flow etc
  • Reports: True visibility of price change effect - due to change in raw material price, specification, yield & weight, change in cycle time & machine hour rate & edit other cost drivers
  • Predictive costing: Predictive costing extends those findings using statistical modeling, forecasting and optimization algorithms to anticipate the impact of cost change
  • Costing: Fixing and measuring of target cost Helps in identifying cost reduction areas. Simulation and comparative analysis highlighting the potential
  • Enterprise-Wide: Costing solution gives management the visibility & control of cost operations that is needed to effectively compete in today’s challenging environment

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