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Custom Application Development

Your business idea, converted into a successful app, using your choice of technology – delivered!

You choose the technology, we develop the solution

No matter what’s your choice of programming language, we can develop the solution on it for you.

Or if you aren’t sure, then leave it to us, we know what works best.

Cloud, inhouse, enterprise, scalable, secure

We have deep expertise in developing any sort of application – basically around what our customer wants. Our technology runs very deep and vast, comprising of all cutting-edge technologies – AWS, Azure, .Net core, React, Angular to name a few Case studies: MD invoicing, LMS

Rewrite / Upgrade / enhance / maintain

We just don’t work on new applications, we equally enjoy taking over existing applications in terms of re-writing it to make them compatible, or upgrading the application to the latest version of programming language being used with code refactoring, or adding new features to it, or simply maintaining an existing application to make sure user doesn’t face any challenges while navigating through the app

Distressed projects takeover

Another area that we deeply enjoy getting involved in taking over distressed projects. We often come across clients who are “stuck” either with their current vendors or sometimes even internal teams and due to their poor handling or lack of technical expertise the project health move to red zone. SSDB team has moved in, quickly understood what’s wrong and what’s to be fixed and turned around such projects in no time.


No application today exists in silos, it needs to communicate with other applications like payment gateways, ERPs, government sites, other third party applications. SSDB, using third party APIs or with inhouse developed APIs (REST, SOAP, JSON) seamlessly integrates one application with another.


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