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We are always eager to step in your shoes and understand the challenges, exactly the way you see them! This insight, for us, is the foundation of great solution that we build for you.

Costing is one major aspects of all automobile companies. Irrespective if the part is being produced inhouse or procured from vendor, it’s costing needs to be done and every tiny detail including the scrap value needs to be considered.

The first two word that comes to our mind once we hear Transit or public transport project are – big and complex. And that’s very true as even the smallest of the projects are highly complex in nature and involves multiple workflows.

With our deep expertise in online instructor based as well as self-paced learning platforms, SSDB has developed solutions that helps our client’s offer online education, tutors as well host events and offer online library of e-books and video contents.

SSDB work with Healthcare providers to build HIPAA compliant application that lets providers securely exchange information across the value chain and collaborate with caregivers regarding patient care.

With our expertise in designing secure and scalable solution, SSDB has worked with our clients to develop a multi-tenant, secure and scalable contract management solution with advanced artificial intelligence features embedded in it.

SSDB provides end to end solutions for manufacturing and supply chain units – right from managing shopfloor operations to complete e-commerce operation with integrated delivery solution.

SSDB developed a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) that automates each warehousing operations. WMS caters to both – ecommerce fulfilment and bulk dispatch and works seamlessly with third party apps.


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