Having that next big billion dollar idea in your mind but also worried about from where to start and what features to roll out? You are not alone and you have reached the right place. We work with start-ups to convert their idea into a working app and roll out the app in phases, starting with MVP – minimum viable product. MVP helps start-ups to reach market early without big investment. MVP or the product with the basic (core) functionalities helps start-ups assess the market feasibility in real world and also captures early feedback from real users. This in turn allows making quick correction and product more acceptable.

SSDB also has deep expertise in UI and UX that makes the applications more intuitive for users. Do not delay your idea,  to get it in action


Small & medium businesses (SMBs) usually have licenses of multiple off the shelf application which doesn’t talk to each other and work in silos. Or, they get a custom application built which isn’t scalable or secure. SSDB works with SMBs to take away all these pains. We help integrate different applications and creating a layer over and above which gives a holistic view from all the apps. We also refactor existing applications to make them scalable and secure.

If you are a SMB enterprise and looking for an application that resolves your daily business challenges or need a more intuitive, scalable and secure customer facing web or mobile application then   today


SSDB has deep expertise in providing agile based dedicated teams to some of the market leaders in their respective domains. Our teams work with global teams in a seamless manner in a truly agile fashion and acts like a virtual extension of our clients. We also help in rewriting legacy applications, refactoring of applications to make them more scalable, and plug the technology gap that doesn’t call for hiring full time in-house resource

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