Globally majority of automobile companies perform part costing manually using Excel file. Many solutions have been developed, however nothing truly matches the need of the industry. A leading automobile manufacturer approached SSDB to automate product costing. SSDB developed a comprehensive costing solution apart from automating product costing also had workflows, feature to read part design and convert it into bill of material (BOM), for predictive analysis of determining what-if scenarios (like what would be the impact on product price if labour cost increases by some amount) , and allowed suppliers to view requirements and submit their quote. This tool extends beyond automobile and can be used by any manufacturing organization for their product costing.

It offers following advantages:

  • Cost Savings Fixing and measuring target cost, helps in identifying cost reduction areas and simulation and comparative analysis highlighting the potential
  • Security Data access through authentication & authorization mechanism. It has approval hierarchy to manage & track changes
  • Process efficiencies increased throughput by workflows & approvals, Reduce costing & pricing transaction effort, enabling powerful & logical data to manage customer pricing
  • What if analysis: Change in raw material prices, source, location, conversion cost, cycle time, process flow etc.
  • Reports True visibility of price change effect - due to change in raw material price, specification, yield & weight, change in cycle time & machine hour rate & edit other cost drivers
  • Predictive costing extends those findings using statistical modelling, forecasting and optimization algorithms to anticipate the impact of cost change.
  • Enterprise-Wide gives management the visibility & control of cost operations that is needed to effectively compete in today’s challenging environment

Marketplace is the buzzword for sometime now. It allows multiple related parties to be present on a single platform to showcase and sell their services. For consumers, it offers lot of convenience in terms of saving time and energy and they get everything on one portal. For a client in middle-east SSDB built a market place that brings together all players related to wedding industry. Recognized as the strongest business platform in the destination wedding industry, the product is a one of a kind of exclusive initiative that brings together the world’s biggest celebrity wedding planners, royalty specialists & destination wedding experts under one roof to meet with extravagant creative partners and wedding suppliers who help bring their clients’ dream weddings to life – from lavish venues, to exquisite hotels, palaces, exclusive destinations, couture designers, photography partners, jewellery partners, cake designers & so much more!

This platform allows users to hear experiences shared by veterans in the weddings industry and network with the best in the wedding world

Platform offers following features :

  • Registration of multiple parties – vendors, venues etc.
  • Planner - to see who all are available in your desired venue
  • Automated advisors – that creates a plan according to users budget and preferences

Our client provides the largest repository of documentations related to chemicals available over the internet. Client approached us to rewrite their existing website to make it a single page application (SPA) which is not only fast but extremely intuitive to use.

Searching the product is like looking up 500+ websites at the same time, using a normalized index, with a single look and feel. Our solutions deliver the relevant chemical hazard and toxicology literature users expect to find, while delighting them with the discovery of literature they did not know existed. Product’s decision support solutions are a collection of discipline-focused products, sold either individually or as a comprehensive resource.

SSDB worked with the client to rewrite the application using Aurelia and built world’s largest database of its kind, the solutions enabled the chemical safety professionals to find the chemical literature they needed quickly.. Our unique search interface offers single search box access to hundreds of databases/collections including toxicological profiles, monographs, scientific opinions, risk assessments, GHS classifications, hazard assessments, regulatory submissions, safety data sheets (SDSs), drug information, regulatory and advisory lists, and much more.

Product today is used by scientist across the globe in their research work – primarily to understand effect of different chemicals or compound before a drug is made.


There has been a global rise in prevalence of kidney failure and patients undergoing dialysis. The medical workforce has not been able to keep pace with growth in dialysis patient population, resulting in underserved patients. SSDB worked with leading nephrologists to build this platform and super-pathways that bridged this gap in care by providing an agile cognitive software solution that made medical recommendations just a click away.

Our solution  augments the efforts of physicians as they care for their patients by handling many of the routine, repetitive and protocol driven interventions in dialysis care. By facilitating dialysis care delivery, this system provides physicians an opportunity to expand their scope of practice and care for a larger patient base

This product has following advantage :

  • For Dialysis providers, by facilitating dialysis care delivery, our system allows the dialysis providers for better market penetration. The cost analysis dashboard and reports assists providers to deliver value-based care. 
  • For payers our solution facilitates delivery of cost efficient quality care and prevents costly adverse events. Also, payer and providers are able to partner together to improve access to dialysis care especially in remote locations of the country.
  • Patients  - This application comprehensively addresses all the routine ESRD care related interventions. Our predictive modeling functionalities factor in any potential adverse events with ongoing care and preemptively adjust the dialysis treatments and medications.
  • It empowers clinicians with advance technological tools to improve delivery of dialysis care for patients with severe chronic kidney disease. 

Super-pathways are a robust system of complex algorithms based on scientific literature and adjusted to the physician’s preferences. The platform, seamlessly works with the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system to deliver meaningful care recommendations. Dialysis care is one of the most complex chronic disease management out there. By deploying an automated care solution, care providers will be bringing together the full potential of their organization to deliver timely and comprehensive care for every patient.

Our client, absolutely believe that the physicians should have the complete control in determining the care for their patients. This platform and super-pathways enables care providers to design, automate and orchestrate their own unique style of care. They don’t believe pathways should be ‘one-size fits all’ or should remain hard-wired, instead, they should respond to patient’s needs and circumstances. In the end, physicians will always have the complete autonomy in the implementation of the care interventions suggested by our system.


We not only know how cumbersome and painstaking the fulfilment process is but we build tools to simplify and automate the entire warehouse processes. For one of the leading warehouses in the US, we have built a complete warehouse management tool that caters to following critical aspects of warehouse:

Client management - a single window to warehouse customers to manage their profile, keep an eye on inventory, view inbound orders, see shipment, upload manifest and much more.

Manifest management - complete unloading process through hand held devices integrated with barcode scanners. Receive goods for ecommerce and bulk, assign a unique license plate number (LPN) to each item and store them in racks, bins & aisles.

Unload, receive and stow goods, order management and shipping - auto receiving of orders from leading marketplaces where clients sell goods online (Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Woocommerce to name a few), assign inventory to them, assign them to put to light, pick products, pack order and ship them out with shipping labels - each done within seconds.


SSDB built IT infra for world’s leading beverage manufacturers to enable home delivery for its products.

SSDB team built end to end supply chain management solution that helped leading bottler of Coke in south Asian region automate home delivery of beverages.

Our solution for them included following components:

Hybrid mobile applications for end users - Through these apps user can manage their account with Coke, order products, make payments and track delivery.

Native Android app for Delivery - This app is used by the delivery team and has details of customer and contents that needs to be delivered along with payment details. This also enables the team to see if they need to collect any empty bottles from the customer. It also has map integration so that delivery team can get the quickest route to the destination.

Backend web application - A complete brain through which all activities could be tracked and managed, right from products, customers, offers, inventory, orders, delivery, payments and lot more. Through back end, the load-sheet and delivery sheets are also created.

Integration with ERP - The backend application seamlessly integrates with ERP to communicate back and forth business related information.


Our Agile delivery teams works with global unified communication provider, to build and manage cutting edge customized solutions.

Global leader in unified communications, collaboration and web meeting technology relies on SSDB as their partner to provide Agile based development and upgrade support for its numerous products and also to provide support to its clients and partners, distributed globally.

SSDB has built solutions ranging from backend billing engine, multi tenant customer branded provisioning pages, automatic provisioning tool that enables Skype for audio integration.

Today, SSDB team collaborates with client’s geographically distributed teams to work on building custom conferencing solutions and maintaining them. Owing to the large scope of the project, Agile methodology was best way to not only keep the project always on track but also flexible enough to incorporate changes in scope and accept new requirements. Our teams takes care of entire project management cycle, right from requirement gathering, analysis, architecture design, development, testing, deployment and post deployment support.


For a leading NMLS certified course provider we developed a complete education system based on ERP. This ERP has extensive features for everyone, right from students to parents ,lecturers, resellers, affiliates, corporates and management. This cloud based ERP is built to solve real world problems of Students, Teachers, Management and Parents.

For students, it offers: media-rich course content, consolidated view of assignments, timetable, lesson plan, library, attendance, activities, performance, exam notification, test notification, homework, teacher feedback, external grades, student feedback, assessment report, medical records, faculty info, special needs, easy communication with peers, teachers, management, doubt resolution, exposure to real-world technology and much more.

For teachers, it lets creative course creation to elicit interest, reuse and modification of content, clarity on teaching activity, lesson planning, consolidated view of assignments, timetable, easy attendance, track student behaviour and pattern, feedback to students, easy communication with students, peers, parents and management, resource management, activity coordination, space management.

To parents, it allows real-time access to data pertaining to attendance, exam assessment, class-work and homework assessment, assignments and deadlines, behaviour, activities at school, fee communication, medical records, teaching content, lesson plans, feedback to faculty, easy communication with teacher and management, timetable view, holiday view, notification of circulars and messages, exam dates, remote access, easy profile and record updates.

And, for management it has centralized system to manage school administration, delegation, easy admission, branding, real-time access to data pertaining to student, faculty, parent, lesson plan, quality of teaching, expense management, fee management and reminder, space management, library management, instant communication with student, faculty, teacher, custom reports, government compliance, curriculum mapping


For client dealing in project management tools for the department of transport, we worked together to enhance their existing product which provides project management and facility management tools to US largest statewide public transit system.

Acquiring and managing real estate is critical to transit projects. Executing projects quickly with a seamless property acquisition and management process while keeping stakeholders informed is crucial for all transportation agencies. We developed and managed solution for acquiring and managing properties by utilizing easy web browser access to a secure centralized agency-wide database system.

Key highlights :

  • Make acquisition activities consistent across several agencies, departments, consultants, and work teams.
  • Enable tracking and analysis of milestones and costs at property level as well as at overall project level.
  • The common container of all project-related info, docs, photos, drawings, and maps.
  • Automation of standard form letters and reports needed to manage the entire process on a daily basis.
  • Stakeholder’s alert system to stay updated about important events that are due/ occurred.
  • Fully integrated comprehensive set of tools to handle all aspects of the acquisition process.
  • Complete flexibility to customize the application according to specific business requirement
  • Easy Integration with existing systems.
  • Created an iPad based audit application for audit inspectors that allows audit of facilities and calculates state of good repair (SGR) score and cost